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Riparian Systems Consulting provides project management, public outreach, and appraisal, feasibility and implementation strategies for Arizona's rivers and ecosystems. We have more than 30 years' experience in the Verde Valley and central Arizona. We view our natural environment, especially our rivers, as the capital that will allow us to adapt, maintain quality of life, and nurture sustainable diversity in the future. We are trained in value chain project management, which maximizes the political, social, natural, individual, financial, built and intellectual wealth of our state.

Documents and Library

Verde River Economic Development Study (VREDS) Final Report Doug Von Gausig, Becky O'Banion, Casey Rooney, 8/12/2011
Verde River @ Clarkdale project
The Cornerstones Report, Market-based Responses to Arizona’s Water Sustainability Challenges Walton Family Foundation and National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, June, 2011.
Water Resources Development Commission Draft Report (10/1/2011)
Walton Family Foundation Freshwater Strategy (.pdf))
Water Effeciency for Instream Flow: Making the Link in Practice October, 2011; American Rivers, Alliance for Water Efficiency and the Environmental Law Institute; Dickinson et al.
Riparian Ecological Services - Environmental Resources and Policy Program, Southern Illinois University Carbondale (.pdf)
ITT Value of Water Survey  Abstract
Economic Impact of Protecting Rivers, Trails and Greenway Corridors National Park Service, 1995  Abstract
Finding Hope in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Richard B. Norgaard, U.C. Berkeley  Abstract
Sustainable Economic Development Plan Salmon River Community Corridor Community Enhancement and Development Plan, Sept. 2003  Abstract
Renaissance on the River Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, 2001  Abstract
A Case Study of Accommodating Indigenous Cultural Values in Water Resource Management: Privatization and Co-Management Wester Social Science Association, 4/2010  Abstract
Clean Rivers Increase Property Values Delaware Riverkeeper Network  Abstract
Hearing on “Impact of Green Infrastructure and Low Impact Development on the Nation’s Water Quality, Economy and Communities” U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment Staff  Abstract
Green Infrastructure and the Green Communities Act Testimony before the Water Resources and Environment Subcommittee, 9/2010
Birding in theUnited States: A Demographic and Economic Analysis USFWS, 2006-2009  Abstract
Recreational Resource Inventories and Studies Good links and study methodology.Sergio Capozzi and Michael Taylor  Abstract
Economic Issues Affecting Parks & Recreation: A White Paper Summary of Two Special Sessions at the 2009 National Recreation and Parks Congress  Abstract
Estimates of Select Economic Values of New Hampshire Lakes, Rivers, Streams and Ponds New Hampshire Lakes Assn, 2003  Abstract
Economic Benefits of Conserved Rivers, an Annotated Bibliography NPS, 6/2001  Abstract
Use And Economic Importance of the West Branch of the Farmington River NPS and American Rivers, 9/2002  Abstract
Sustainable Water Management: Guidelines for Meeting the Needs of People and Nature in the Arid West. Andy Laurenzi, Sonoran Institute  Abstract
Reconnaissance Watershed Analysis on the Middle and Upper Verde River Watershed Lloyd Barnett and Richard Hawkins, 2002  
The 2001 Economic Benefits of Watchable Wildlife Recreation in Arizona Arizona Game and Fish Department, 10/2002   Abstract
The Economic Importance of Fishing and Hunting Arizona Game and Fish Department/ASU West, 2002   Abstract
Economic Impact Analysis of Noncomsumptive Wildlife-related Recreation in Arizona Arizona Game and Fish Department, May, 2003  Abstract
Grand Junction, Colorado's River front Trail web page
Verde River Almanac, compiled by Diane Joens with the Cooperation of the Verde Watershed Association, 2003 (Available only in print)
Verde River Corridor Project, June, 1991 .doc .pdf
Northpoint Expeditionary Learning Academy in Prescott studies the Verde River Prescott Courrier, Joanna Dodder Nellans, 5/5/2011
Heritage Fund Advisory Presentation on Sociology of Natural Resource Uses Loren Chase, AZ Game and Fish Dept. Sociologist, Marble Canyon, 5/21/2011
Community Conversation, 5/19/2011 Greg Kornrumph's Community Conversation as part of his Project CENTRL project, Yavapai College, 5/19/2011, MP3
Community Conversation Economic Impact PowerPoint Bob Raucher, Economist,Stratus Consulting, 5/19/2011
Policy Options for Water Management in the Verde Valley DRAFT Nature Conservancy Study, 5/27/2011, Hydrologics, Pacific Institute and Stratus Consulting.
Verde River Paddle Trail Map John Parsons, et. al., Arizona State Parks, 2011
Major Ditches of the Verde Valley Spreadsheet
Innovations in Market-Based Watershed Conservation in the United States: Payments for Watershed Services for Agricultural and Forest Landowners Majanen, Friedman, and Milder; Prepared for: U.S. Endowment for Forestry & Communities, Inc.
Policy Options for Water Management in the Verde Valley, Arizona The Nature Conservancy; Limnbrunner, Heberger and Henderson, 2011
Community Conversation Summary and Action Plan, Greg Kornrumph, et. al., July, 2011
Northern Arizona Regional Groundwater Flow Model Pool, Blasch, et. al., USGS, 2010
The Economic Contributions of Verde Valley Winemaking Erik Glenn, U of A Cooperative Extension Service, 4/10/2011
Verde River Paddle Map (Tuzigoot Bridge to 89a Bridge) Arizona State Parks
A Boater's Guide to the Verde River (Beasley Flat to Sheep Bridge) Arizona State Parks


American Rivers Blue Trails Program
Arizona Rivers
Sonoran Institute Website
Morrison Institute Website
Citizens Water Advocacy Group CWAG
Town of Clarkdale Sustainable Clarkdale Project Includes the "Verde River @ Clarkdale" project
Cottonwood Economic Development Council CEDC
Friends of the Verde River Greenway
The Nature Conservancy TNC
The Nature Conservancy's Arizona Programs
Upper Verde River Watershed Protection Coalition
Verde Experience On Facebook
Verde River Basin Partnership VRBP
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Verde Watershed Association VWA
Verde Valley Regional Economic Organization VVREO
Yavapai County Water Advisory Committee WAC
Outdoor Industry Association, Research Page

Useful Links

Walton Family Foundation Environment Page
Verde River Greenway Web Page Arizona State Parks
Dead Horse Ranch State Park Arizona State Parks
Water Words that Work Consulting on environmental project management and communications.
NPS Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program
Tuzigoot Nat'l Monument Stats and Reports
Arizona State Parks Visitation Stats AZ Dept. of Tourism
The Verde River as a Water Source History of the Verde River as water for the city of Phoenix (City of Phoenix)
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Verde River Corridor Project, Final Report (Arizona State Parks, June, 1991)
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Naturesongs' website of Natural Sounds and a Plant Guide to the Verde Valley
Local Verde Valley Weather Real-time Weather Station near Tuzigoot National Monument
Water Resources Development Commission website

Streamflow Gauges

USGS Daily Streamflow Conditions for Arizona
USGS Gauge at Verde River Near Paulden (Headwaters Gauge)
USGS Gauge at Verde River near Clarkdale
USGS Gauge at Oak Creek near Cornville
USGS Gauge at West Clear Creek near Camp Verde
USGS Gauge at Verde River Near Camp Verde
Sign up to Receive USGS Streamflow Notices by e-Mail
SRP's Verde River Watershed Monitor Includes SRP Gauge Data

Press Stories

Camp Verde Bugle Editorial on the Northern Arizona Regional Groundwater Flow Model 7/23/11 Link to the model above
Camp Verde Bugle story on the Wine Industry in the Verde Valley 7/23/11 Steve Ayers

Miscellaneous Files

America Rivers Blue Trails Visit to the Verde, 12/5-12/6/2011 Small jpegs - suitable for web, e-mail, presentations (21 Mb)
America Rivers Blue Trails Visit to the Verde, 12/5-12/6/2011 Large jpegs - suitable for press, print and publication (375 Mb)


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